NEW OUD by Hayari

NEW OUD by Hayari

To understand the nature of Hayari scents it is first necessary to understand the nature of the man behind the brand, as you see Hayari is a fashion brand first and foremost. Nabil Hayari spent 5 years as creative director at a fashion house in the famous Parisian “Golden Triangle” before setting up his own label dressing top models and Royalty. So it’s clear from the off that Hayari looks at things through an ostentatious, imaginative lens, a lens where no expense is spared with an ‘end justifies the means’ type mentality – this is a trait that has translated to his fragrances.

The inspiration came from childlike tales of fantasy, and while capturing the lavish Royalty of court, implies the cheek, strength and audacity of Aladdin.

Hayari’s New Oud is a tangible scent, weighty with florals and cushioned with the ever distinguishable Oud. It is a lighter edge of oud that comes through, which is refreshing, rather the ‘sledgehammer’ effect that some associate with the luxurious ingredient. While oud takes centre stage in the naming of the scent, he also combines another heavyweight ingredient from the world of fragrance, the ever controversial tuberose; rumour even has it that the Victorians forbade young girls from smelling the ingredient for fear that it might induce a spontaneous orgasm… Quite. It is this combination of oud and tuberose – a first in the world of perfumery – that birthed the name of the scent, NEW OUD.

Hayari New Oud Mens Fragrance




Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Bigarade, Petitgrain

Heart Notes: Oud, Tuberose, Saffron

Base Notes: Patchouli, Papyrus, Vetiver, Cade



“NEW OUD is a sensual perfume created around a seductive, rich and powerful oud contrasting with a green and fresh tuberose”

~Cécile Zarokian


It was Nabil Hayari’s intention to create a sweet orange blossom scent, a tender souvenir of his childhood’s garden where orange trees used to bloom under the golden sun, and in that it is a success. Even the unveiling of the bottle itself is ceremony, with the bottle contained in box that presents the fragrance to you as you open it, almost as you were revealing an expensive jewel.


Hayari New Oud Men's Fragrance Packaging


Designed by Sylvie de France, the luxurious bottle of New Oud follows a similar 12 faceted shape as the other fragrances in the range, with the rich golden brown colour of the perfume forming the perfect backdrop to the golden Hayari logo emblazoned on the front. The back features an embossed ‘H’ and crowned squared glass cap finishing of what is a very immersive experience; from viewing the bottle to its fragrant finish.


Hayari Perfume New Oud Men's Fragrance

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