The Cognac Pen by Montegrappa

The Cognac Pen by Montegrappa

Ordinarily ink is the only liquid that you would expect to find in a pen – and quite rightly so. But this new collaboration between Italian pen makers Montegrappa and Wealth Solutions contains a drop of the world’s oldest cognac. In a collection limited to 110 pieces, a special capsule elegantly appendaged to the pen’s cap contains a sampling of Cognac Gautier 1762.


Montegrappa Cognac Pen Wood Wealth Solutions


Dubbed the ‘oldest cognac in the world’ Cognac Gautier 1762 was officially registered by the Guinness World Records™ as the oldest cognac ever sold on the auction market.

The extraordinary cognac hails from 1762, to give you an idea of just how long ago that is, it’s very the same year that the famous Trevi fountain – “Fontana di Trevi” – was unveiled in Rome, the year Catherine the Great became the Empress of Russia, and also the year ‘Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau’ (incidentally a  favourite book of mine) was officially published.


Montegrappa 1762 Gautier Cognac pen


For the body of the pen itself, Montegrappa paid homage to the process of creating cognac by manufacturing both the pen body and cap from oak wood; according to French law, no liquor may be termed a “cognac” if it has not been aged for a minimum of two years in an oak cask near Cognac region.

“Montegrappa is one of the most respected creators of fountain pens. They did a great job bringing our idea to life. The Cognac pen perfectly fits the great and diverse collection of writing instruments I have seen in Bassano, the home of Montegrappa.”
~ Maciej Kossowski, President, Wealth Solutions

Of the 110 pieces, 100 have been made in silver, 10 in gold, and buyers may also choose the nib thickness from F to B.


Montegrappa Gautier Cognac pen Wealth Solutions


There’s a great saying –

“A thing is possible, therefore it is”

And there will be many that feel this falls into that category. But for cognac lovers, collectors and alike, the cognac pen adds another feather to your cap. Furthermore, it’s a guaranteed trump card for a “You’ll never believe what I just bought…” story. No, I don’t think they ever will.


1762 Gautier Cognac in Montegrappa Pen Wealth SOlutions
1762 Gautier Cognac
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