Street Style: Sepp Werkmeister captures New York in the ’60s

Street Style:

Sepp Werkmeister captures New York in the ’60s

Best known as a leading Jazz photographer throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, Sepp Werkmeister‘s work was – in the main – a reflection of the thriving Jazz scene of the times. Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson, and Ella Fitzgerald were just some of his subjects as he travelled from concert to festival capturing these (now) iconic greats at work. But it was between these shows on his ‘downtime’ that Munich-born Werkmeister captured arguably some of his greatest work, on the streets of New York.


Sepp Werkmeister New York Theatre-District_ladies JOSHUA's Digital


Helped by the increasing camera quality of mobile devices, and the decreasing prices of SLR Cameras, Street photography is now commonplace. However look back at Sepp Werkmeister’s work and what is evident is a distinct honesty of the subjects as they are truly captured in situ reflected through a character and depth of shot that modern photography often fails to capture.

Entitled New York this publication is the first devoted solely to Werkmeister’s New York cityscapes; a modern archaeological photographic discovery rewarding you with visual gratification.




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