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It was 1857 when bespoke grand piano makers Steinway & Sons registered their first patent; since then over 139 patents have been filed and the innovation still continues. The embodiment of this is SPIRIO. Launched by Steinway & Sons in 2015 this technology captures and recreates the unique playing techniques of world renown pianists to such an extent that even the weight of finger-on-key is conveyed. It’s not a recording, it’s essentially a live performance, in a manner that replicates the artists’ unique styles and personality.

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Using an iPad combined with Steinway’s mastery in piano engineering the SPIRIO gives owners access an ever-increasing library of music, containing over 4000 compositions. To a pianist, it’s essentially like going from playing Beethoven works yourself, to not only having Beethoven play them for you, but better yet on a Steinway & Sons grand piano.

This year sees Steinway & Sons take that experience one step further with the new SPIRIO | r system which enables pianists to record, edit, playback, and save their own performances in Steinway’s proprietary high-resolution format.

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“Steinway SPIRIO | r is an example of finest craftsmanship combined with incredible technology and underlines once more our ambition to present ground-breaking innovations of the highest quality possible,”

— Guido Zimmermann, President, Steinway & Sons.

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Another way for audiophiles to consume and create music, this new format allows for novel ways of collaboration, co-composition, teaching and expression, translating the timeless appeal of Steinway’s eponymous grand piano for the modern era.


SPIRIO | r is available in a model D-274, the concert grand of Steinway & Sons, and model B-211 via the authorised Steinway & Sons dealer family.


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