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In this, the digital age, the concept of antiquity feels almost mythical. This great era of information has brought about untold benefits – namely, an ability to collect, compile and archive all human endeavour with robotic accuracy. Since the turn of the century, our ability (not to mention proclivity) to consume and catalogue information – film, music, art – has given rise to its production.

finessed — fine art giclée prints

New formats have also arisen: a new school of digital art and photography. This is a wonderful thing, but what does the digitised nature of the format mean for our own antiquity? It’s a peculiar word to use when referring to the present. I suppose, for something to qualify as an antique or artefact of our times, it has to have presence.

Finessed works with acclaimed artists and photographers to lift their creations from an abstract, digital world and render them in a tangible space. This art, that offers just as much emotional weight as their forbears – perhaps even more now, considering their freshness – is reframed to reflect their poignancy. Finessed gives these established artists a platform and presence worthy of their creative output.

finessed print — Highlands by Jonathan Daniel Pryce [ SKU: JDPM02 ]
finessed print — Once Upon A Time by Bjorn Franklin [ SKU: BFM03 ]

ArtSure accredited printers from the Fine Arts Guild utilise the finest Giclée digital printing the industry has to offer, working with 100% cotton and 405gsm Hahnemühle canvas. Using museum-grade methods and materials is a crucial element in the Finessed ethos. It imbues these great modern works with the same impermanence as art immemorial – antiquity incarnate.

Further to rendering art onto exquisite canvas, Finessed also offers a bespoke framing service. A selection of hand-finished wooden frames (natural oak, open grain black, and open grain white); as well as matte black and matte bronze aluminium framing is available. Clarity+ glazing comes as standard: crystal clear, incredibly resilient, and filters out over 99% of UV light.

finessed print — Fall by Joe Connor [ SKU: JCM12 ]

From illustrators, to photographers, each artist featured has been chosen due to their unique perspective and the quality of their expertise within their field. Joe Connor is a filmmaker and photographer who has created music videos for some of music’s biggest artists; from The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Sam Smith and Kylie Minogue to The Maccabees, Paul Weller and Placebo. Award-winning photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce is another chosen collaborator, with his images appearing in Vogue, GQ, Esquire, Mr Porter, and now available in museum-grade canvas.

finessed print — Space by Jack Bedford [ SKU: JBM08 ]

With names such as Nas Abraham, Arnaud Chanteloup and Jack Bedford also on board, Finessed is helping the art curation sphere to rediscover the medium of physicality. In a world of digital clutter and NFTs, physical art feels all the more significant and Finessed specialises in creating artefacts of true presence.


With prices starting as low as £50, you can view Finessed’s growing roster of artists, photographers and illustrators at —


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