Golfing’s finest


Golfing unlike many other sporting ventures isn’t deemed the most sartorially wealthy. Despite the green jacket affair it has failed to get off the ground and manifest a truly stylistic infrastructure. But maybe times are changing.  

Enter Manors. The most complete golfing attire in recent time. Made in England their apparel communicates a sense of ease, taste and audacity. Born on the idea that golf is the best sport in the world it swaggers through simplistic, functional and modern pieces.

The pieces embody the sport in its truest fashion, but there is a complete level of wearability to each one. History is not lost either in any of their ready to wear collection. Featuring polo’s, vests, caps and t-shirts it is a collection that is built to last but most importantly perform.


No doubt there is a disruptive change to a brand like Manors, however it is one that will be welcomed by a new generation of clean, contemporary and carefully curated golfers.

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