LAFERRARI | The number 500

LAFERRARI | The number 500

It’s been a tumultuous year to say the least, with recent events in Colombia only serving to add to a growing list of seeming ‘anomalies’ that have occurred over the last 12 months or-so. That said, with each challenge grows the resolve and the responsibility of those with power to step in and help, and such is the case with esteemed sports car manufacturer Ferrari.

In a bid to support the rejuvenation of Central Italy following recent natural disasters, Ferrari are partnering with RM Sotheby’s this coming weekend (December 3) for a charity auction of a unique LaFerrari.


While there may be some skeptics out there, in truth this is genius. While they could just donate the money, they know full well that the historical weight of brand value combined with their quality workmanship and labour supersedes that of the cash sum, and hence have leveraged it the best way they possibly could: edition number 500 of the LaFerrari coupé.

When it arrived in 2014, the LaFerrari coupé was the most daring Ferrari production car ever built – and they only built 499. Powered by a hybrid 950 Horsepower V-12 engine – their lauded F1 Hybrid – the car was the most expensive road car ever at the time, sold at $1.5million. The entire allocation was sold out pre-launch and furthermore, cars were found on sale for amounts in the region of $5million soon afterwards.


Although they vowed not to make anymore, the recent devastating earthquakes in Central Italy this year (2016) has caused them to rethink their stance. In August, Ferrari Chairman and CEO, Sergio Marchionne, announced the leading Italian automaker would offer one additional example to be auctioned for charity.

Featuring a one-of-a-kind livery and interior, designed as a tribute to Italy the number 500 LaFerrari will be auctioned of by RM Sotheby’s on December 3rd with all proceeds going towards remedying damage caused by the earthquakes in the reconstruction of Central Italy, to the benefit of thousands of local residents.

“The earthquakes which have struck Central Italy this year devastated the lives of thousands of people, and the money raised by the sale of this LaFerrari could not be put to a better use. The auction will be an historic event, and the generosity of Ferrari SpA will change lives in the areas most affected by the natural disaster.”
~ Rob Myers, CEO & Chairman, RM Sotheby’s

Intelligent in concept and romantic in ideals, this action typifies everything the prancing horse has stood for of the years, while enhancing their brand legacy by showcasing an impassioned love for their people.

For further information on the exclusive charity sale of this LaFerrari this coming weekend, please visit the link below.



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