The truth is, no one really likes the idea of working because if we did, then it wouldn’t really be work. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with enjoying your work, but to prove my point, if there were no monies to be made, would you still do what you do…?

I am of course, being facetious, but it is of all these considerations that flash through my head on a regular basis as I – albeit 8 years in – still come to terms with the ‘freedom’ of an entrepreneurial existence. Am I enjoying what I do too much, and if so does this mean I’m not working? Or if I’m not enjoying the task at hand, does that mean I hate what I do? Neither is always true but rather the sinusoidal wave of a working life, with periodical peaks and troughs as you make your way through the tasks that sit before you.

It was in this very cycle of thought that I happened upon the duality of the House of Yards that explained quite clearly what had eluded me. How you ask? Well take the stark concrete mass, monolithic form and contrast it against the idyllic green of the Rhine Valley.

On looking on the house from without, you want to be within. On looking at the nature from within, you want to be without.

I could not more perfectly describe the dichotomy of the work enjoyment balance.

This minimal concrete house was designed by Austria based Architects Marte. Marte and is built into the side of a mountain overlooking the Rhine Valley, between the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and the Swiss canton of St. Gallen.

The name comes from the fact the House boasts four courtyards, carved out of concrete to bring additional light into the property itself. The interior features a wealth of natural wood to lighten the house – both visually and physically – and modern living facilities including the indispensable wine cellar.

By the pool, framed by concrete is the very view that many dream to capture, and it’s before you, the Rhine Valley changing subtly by the day and evermore so by the season. It’s a tranquil beauty that encourages you to look out despite the minimal beauty that surrounds you within.

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