Drink: Johnnie Walker Blue Label at Galvin at Windows

Drink: Johnnie Walker Blue Label at Galvin at Windows

Good drink is all about company, mood and most notably setting. The latter of which can allow you to be transported to a world that elevates the drink at hand. Taking this concept, almost, literally is Johnnie Walker Blue label with their bespoke cocktail for the launch of the film ‘The Gentleman’s Wager II’.

The intimate short see’s Oscar Nominated actor Jude Law and Giancario Giannini enter a wager over a vintage Delahaye 135S and watches Jude’s efforts to win – via gratitude and goodwill to others.


“The Gentleman’s Wager cocktail is the very embodiment of The Gentleman’s Wager II and was inspired by the beautiful setting in which the short film took place. I wanted the cocktail to be warm and full of flavour, without overpowering the senses, so I drew cues from the rich and memorable tastes, sights and smells of Italy, France and Monaco, which all feature in Jude Law’s the journey to win the wager.”
~ Boris Ivan, Bar manager at Galvin at Windows


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gentleman's-Wager-cocktail-at-Galvin-at-Windows


The Cocktail follows a similar gracefulness. Curated by Boris Ivan, Bar Manager at Galvin at Windows. Naturally Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the heart of drink which plays host to a mixture of Antica Formula – a vermouth from Southern Italy that has a real life significance to the film itself. Alongside this sits nutty and sweet contrast of Creme de Chataigne and a touch of Chocolate bitters – curating the perfect balance of subtle complexity.





The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition 20cl Gift Box is available from the The Whisky Shop, Piccadilly.



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