Y & Sons Bespoke Tailoring

Y & Sons Bespoke Tailoring

I’ll come clean from the start; I’m not planning on wearing a kimono any time soon, but I would kind of like to. This is not by accident, this is by design.

The Y & Sons lookbook combines brands such as Norwegian Rain and Want Les Essentials de la Vie to create an ensemble that while remaining undeniably Japanese, carries a Western air and makes the collection all the more relatable. Genius.

So who are Y & Sons? Well firstly what must be understood is that the home of the brand is the Kanda district in Tokyo; a fusion of the old and the “fresh”. This region forms the ethos behind the Y and Sons brand; to modernise the kimono by virtue of a bold selection of fabrics handled by skilled technicians. One of the sticking points with a kimono is the difficulty in wearing the piece and also the time taken to do so; stumbling blocks that pour lighting fuel over the “cultural loyalty over modern practicality” argument.

The Y & Sons approach of adopting stripe patterns and bold colors, moves the kimono away from traditional connotations while staying true to the heritage of the process. The ordinarily ‘calm’ palette is boosted with the occasional bright colour given them a more playful appeal, and hence a place within the modern fashion aesthetic.

Actually on second thoughts, perhaps I will start wearing a kimono – just maybe not to meetings.



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