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Brand MixologyPerfect timing






There was a time I could feel myself getting “collab” fatigue; this brand is releasing a collection with that one, or this new modern brand reinterpreting that famous old brand.

The fact is I couldn’t have been any further from the truth; as time has progressed, collaborations have actually saved brand creativity. It’s the equivalent of a force multiplier; choose the right brand to collaborate with and the output will resonate beyond that each individual brand could have mustered, gaining a flock of new fans on the way.

Brands have grown more astute in their choice partners, more adept in their collaborative execution, showcasing the skill of each “collabrant” in their own right. Much, much better.




Previously the idea collaborating was essentially cross-pollinating brand’s logos, whereas nowadays – with the good projects at least – the collaboration is a melding of ideas and inspirations. A thoughtful sharing of expertise and skills, featuring multi-tiered collections with multiple brands, each brand engaging where it is warranted and abstaining where it isn’t. The result is a tapestry that takes you on a storied journey; a story told by product, colour and intertwined ideals.

To this end, when I heard of Bamford Watch Department’s most recent release with Tag Heuer, RUF and Highsnobiety, I was nervous at first, but there was no need — it was exactly what I had been hoping for.

“The highlight of our partnership with German sports car manufacturer RUF is without a doubt the TAG Heuer Carrera x Bamford x RUF x Highsnobiety Watch in collaboration with Bamford. An icon in watchmaking and one of the most iconic watches in the history of car racing, it could not fit the project any better.”

David Fischer, Founder & CEO, Highsnobiety

Combining the masterful cultural insight of Highsnobiety and iconic branding of RUF with the horological expertise of Bamford Watch Department and Tag Heuer there was only ever really going to be one outcome.  

The thoughtful application of colour sees the timepiece feature a green dial with bold yellow accents while the seconds hand circumvents the watch’s face with its racing striped tip. The sub-dials display beautiful green concentric rings with inset yellow sub-dial hands continuing the collection’s colour theme.  Often a point for tastemakers to show their expertise, the watch straps themselves have had a custom makeover; one a Saffiano Verde leather strap in green with yellow stitch, the other a Correa Nato strap in green embellished with the yellow RUF logo.

The timepiece forms part of a larger collection of apparel and lifestyle accessories all available from

What we’re witnessing here is a multi-faceted product-told story, the crowning jewel being a majestic chronometer garnishing your wrist with modern nostalgia. Now that, my friends, is a collaboration.

A playful lifestyle offering incorporates automotive objects including a model car, key chain, Yeti water bottle, mug and classic rear view mirror air freshener. Collection prices range from $5 – $7,785.


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