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Together with Acqua Di Parma, forte_forte invites you to the impossibly elegant beachside setting of Forte Di Marmi to immerse yourself in their new capsule.

Both symbols of timeless Italian summer, the pioneering fashion house founded by Giada and Paulo Forte, is to be beset with scents as established as the season itself.

It’s fitting that a fragrance house such as Acqua Di Parma – one of the few you could attribute the word ‘classical’ to – is to host an event in an ancient town that translates to the ‘Fort of Marbles’. Steeped in maritime history, what was once a purely practical moniker (the famed blue-grey marble of the Alpi Alpuane was stocked and sold here) has now become a perfect metaphor. The sea town is lustrous plateau on the Tuscan shoreline. White waves on a yellowing shore; olives pressed into something closer to an elixir than oil; a guitar sounding softly in the distance somehow tickling the sweet part of your tongue’s palate. This is Tuscany really showing off – and we haven’t even arrived at the Bocelli family’s Alpemare beach club yet.






The graceful flutter of butterflies and dragonflies that characterise the collection adorns beach towels and cushions inhabit tidy rows of sand-hued tents. This enchanting motif created by forte_forte for Acqua di Parma appears again in the scented candles methodically placed in the lounge areas throughout Alpemare’s gardens and restaurant. Cue the quintessential scent of Italian summer by way of Mirto di Panarea which brings the sensory feast seamlessly into the olfactory. It is a dive into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and flowers bursting into bloom, delicate and dream-like imagery reflected in the iridescent light of sea water. Tones of bright Parma yellow alternate with the purplish hues of myrtle berries, the iconic fruit of the Italian Mediterranean, against a background of aqua green with a pearlescent sheen.

A feeling of ineffable contentment resonates all around while the fragrances of Acqua di Parma’s Home Collection permeate the air. The beach cabins, which Alpemare has left in their traditional rustic style, are fitted with the Arancia di Capri amenities from the hotel line of Acqua di Parma in special recycled plastic bottles (RPET). The ornate bathrooms are bedecked with the Arancia di Capri Hand Soap and Hand Cream ranges, reminiscent of all phases of the warmer months — from April showers to high summer. Each product has been carefully curated down to the last detail, conveying a shared passion for traditional craftsmanship and premium Italian ingredients. A fragrant Tuscan fever dream awaits.

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