The Circle is Widening


The Circle is Widening


There is something ineffably warm about the Irish. Theirs is a culture that elevates kinship above all else and nothing encapsulates that spirit more than sharing a whiskey (and the inevitable singsong that follows). In keeping with that spirit is Jameson’s latest push to embrace whiskey drinkers of all creeds and savviness: ‘Widen the Circle’.

— Aisling Bea (Actor, Writer and Comedian)

The campaign built upon Jameson’s long held belief that life is better shared by inviting people to reach out; those moments of authentic human connection. Irish actor, writer and comedian Aisling Bea, (star of BAFTA award-winning show ‘This Way Up’ and Netflix’s ‘Living With Yourself’) sat on the Jameson Round Table, lending her uncanny knack for transmuting everyday awkwardness into witty, slice-of-life exchanges – all Aisling could tell us about her first whiskey experience is that she couldn’t legally talk about it. What she can ruminate on is the power a drink like whiskey has to bring people together.

Explains Aisling: “I’ve always been about searching for human connections, how people come together. The campaign felt like the perfect fit for me and I loved having the role of the person who is trying to get everyone to step out of their comfort zone and engage with people who may not have thought were open or brave enough to speak up. It’s the surprising thing we have so dearly missed the last two years. And the job comes with the added bonus of getting a visit to the Jameson distillery which is not a bad day at the office at all.”



If there are any positives from being locked down for two years it’s surely a realignment of perspective. Simple, sometimes wordless, interactions like crossing paths with an old friend on the street or sparking up a serendipitous connection with a stranger at the pub – these vital, soulful brushes were taken from us and Aisling is quick to bring them to light.

“I don’t actually miss my close friends. They’re the ones I’m on a million zooms with. I miss the sort of friends whose surnames I don’t know. The sort of random people you might meet in a pub or on a night out or at a party.”

This break in contact had many of us – Aisling included – half forgetting how to interact. It’s been a period of acclimatisation; a transition that’s made just that little bit smoother with a drop of fire water in the belly.

Midleton Distillery 2021

Widen the Circle’ culminated on St Patrick’s Day, a proud fixture that is embraced by the world over, not just the Irish. Centring the campaign on such an occasion speaks to the inclusiveness of the initiative; whiskey is for everyone, not just the aficionados. In fact, it goes one step further and throws open the gates to anybody who wants to be an aficionado. So don’t be shy, pull up a chair and get a whiskey down you – you might just like it.

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