6 Series by BMW

6 Series by BMW

When someone mentions the BMW 6 Series 1 1, what comes to mind is an elegant cruiser. But in truth the role of the 6 Series has in the main been misunderstood, as the reality is a car that’s much more sporty and dynamic, as you may think cruising in the 6 Series is easy enough, but press the accelerator and you are rewarded with gravity engaging burst of speed and power.

BMW invited JOSHUA’s to miramas near in marseille to experience the more dynamic persona of the 6 series on a road trip on day one and a second day on the track. We had the chance to experience the coupé, the gran coupé and the convertible.

BMW 6 Series M Sport Miramas Marseille

After a road trip with the 640d Convertible and the 650i Coupé along the Cote D’Azur on day one, we headed to the track on the second day for some more intense driving. The first couple of laps round the track were tentative, feeling out the nuances of the 650i xDrive Gran Coupé, driving with increasing audacity lap-by-lap. I step out 5-10 laps later and small smiling entourage of onlookers, testament to the speed I thought I was doing, but didn’t overtly feel due to the Driving Dynamics; a high-precision chassis technology. The car delivered a feeling of complete control, thanks to the interplay between suspension, precise steering and driving technology. The Sports Exhaust System on the 650i model growls on contact with the accelerator, as if rewarding your ears for daring to rouse the engine.

BMW 6 Series M Sport Miramas Estate

The responsive 8-speed steptronic sport gear-box made seamless transition with such ease that it was almost as if i had a third arm working on my behalf, ensuring that the gear selection was in tune with the rest of my actions.

The BMW 650i Gran Coupé with xDrive has an intelligent all-wheel drive system that adapts to any road surface. This xDrive combined with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) ensure that the car remains balanced and under full control in almost any condition – even at faster velocities.

BMW 6 Series M Sport Miramas 960

I can discuss the technical prowess and power of a vehicle that is powered by up to 450bhp across the range, but I’d much rather look at driver enjoyment and there is unfortunately no gauge to measure emotive reward from challenging the car to its “limits”. The truth is while you may buy a 6 Series for its looks, or perhaps even for the professional esteem it rewards you with, but take a seat behind the wheel and all of that becomes secondary; what hits you is a combination of sportiness and dynamic exclusivity that makes you want to unleash its full power. Well perhaps not in rush hour, but between traffic lights at least.



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