The Naran Hyper–Coupé

The Naran Hyper–Coupé



Over the past few years, we’ve seen a host of new automotive brands birthed, each leveraging the democratisation of creation given by ready-made electric powertrains.

This alternative path to automotive creation is no less noble than traditional methods, but focuses more on features and design aspects, the drive itself largely taken care of by the choice in electric motors and other performance limiting factors, such as battery storage and charging speeds.

But there remains an authenticity when building with combustion engines, the genuine explosive threat requiring a duty of care in construction that belies its electric counterpart.

As such when I heard of the Naran Hyper-Coupé, I was excited at the prospect of new brands entering the internal combustion engine luxury automotive segment, despite the challenges.

A successful businessman from Zimbabwe, Ameerh Naran (38) studied product and design before his journey began as an entrepreneur. He also understands his customers well, having founded Vimana Private Jets, a leader in VVIP global transportation, counting heads of state, leading sports stars, and actors among his clients.

Not solely a project of passion, but with pedigree as well; Naran teamed up Jowyn Wong, of WYN Design whose past accolades include the design of the elegantly stealthy De Tomaso P72 and the ostentatious Apollo Intensa Emozione.

While Wong is the head of design, Naran’s fingerprint on the Hyper-Coupé is clear, the silhouette a visibly different language from Wong’s predecessors, offering a more rear-biased stance and sharper fascia. With a price of €2million, the performance has to be every bit as good as it looks, and early indicators suggest it’s more than capable. The four-seater hypercar will be powered by a 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine with an output of 1,000bhp, providing an acoustic soundtrack to match its striking visuals.

The Naran Hyper-Coupé promises to be the fastest non-electrified four-seater in the world.

Determined to keep quality of build at the forefront, only 39 Hyper-Coupés will be built, each on the customer’s specific preference, giving a fully hands on experience. This is not just a car, it’s automotive art.

An example of just what is possible, the launch prototype features a ruby-themed finish with gold accents, the carbon shelled seats hued with soft touch Italian leather.

“Our cars are about indulging our owners in unparalleled tailoring and visceral performance, surpassing all the things they have always dreamed about in a vehicle, in the sense of the aesthetic, luxury and driving experiences.”

_ Ameerh Naran, Founder & CEO, Naran Automotive




The prototype was launched to a very select group at the Supercar Owners Circle rally back in June at the at The Chedi, Andermatt in Switzerland. With the bravery of new founders like Ameerh Naran, and the improving technology of emission-free bio-fuels, the glory days of the combustion engine may yet still be ahead of us.

Deposits of €350,000 are now being accepted to reserve an allocation; for more information visit




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