There is something special about learning how to use a camera. The trials, tribulations and satisfaction (once mastered) are only comparative to learning how to ride a bike. However, in most cases the learning never really stops as there are always skills that can be nurtured. Leica have always assisted the development of its users with in house classes and most importantly, cameras that are seamless.

Priding themselves on engaging both the amateur and professional, their new offerings seem to strike a balance between the two mediums. Further re-enforcing this feeling is the Leica CL, the second model to be added to the Leica APS-C product range.

It goes without saying that it has the physical attributes of the Leica family, with its solid black body, yet it is the balance between photography and videography that is most impressive. The CL records in 4K at 30 frames per second while maintaining fluidity. Controls have also been positioned to ensure the user never has to remove their eyes from the shot itself.  These attributes sit alongside the 24MP sensor and supremely fast autofocus to make the camera balanced on all fronts.

Yet it seems even these technical features are further elevated by the dedicated CL app which allows users to control the camera remotely via smartphone or tablet. While the purists will argue “gimmicks” are not necessary, your average user benefits from these additions tenfold. They enable the Leica CL to ease into both the master and apprentice’s life with minimal fuss.


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