Smythson — From the Archive

Smythson From the Archive

The idea of commuting has become more relevant and yet more alien at the same time, with the “work from home” option giving way to “hybrid working” as the new norm.

As such it’s time to park the loungewear and re-integrate the office attire, albeit less formal and more utilitarian than before. Comfort is now the priority with what’s deemed “presentable” mainly related to what you have on from the waist up; also known as being Zoom friendly.

There is still one way to elevate your office style without having to compromise your comfort, and that is through your choice in accessories. Take the archive-inspired release of Smythson’s The Portman minimalist commuter bag for instance.

“Inspired by a writing folder from the Smythson Archive — the 1920s Albemarle — this modern-day Envelope Folio Crossbody Bag comes reimagined in the finest leather with a unisex appeal.”

Suitable to be carried in hand or slung over shoulder, this bag-come-folio is crafted from Smythson’s signature Panama cross-grain leather, rendering it as timeless in durability as it is stylistically.

It’s enough to make you want to go back to the office… Well, almost.

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