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Letters of Joy



“Art may be bad, good or indifferent, but, whatever adjective is used, we must call it art

_ Marcel Duchamp

Poignant words, age old, much referenced and in recent times this thinking is becoming more widespread. Artists are finding new canvases and methods to express their work, while brands are providing more avenues for artists to express it. One such example is this new collaboration between London based artist Rachel Joy and Beefeater Gin.

Rachel Joy, Artist



Seeing as Beefeater is the world’s most awarded Gin, there was no need to reinvent what’s inside, but rather they opted to visually reinterpret how the bottle is presented to the world. Rachel Joy does exactly that, using her bright, characterful style to reflect the personality of the city Beefeater calls home—and the gin itself.

To bring this collaboration further to life and celebrate the global launch of the bottle, Rachel Joy and Beefeater Gin recently displayed larger-than-life “L O N D O N” lettering at King’s Cross St Pancras Station for 24-hours, designed in her distinct style.

Rachel Joy + Beefeater Gin’s Art display King’s Cross St Pancras Station

“I grew up in London and I have always felt a deep connection to the city’s energy, rich artistic heritage, diverse identity and modern attitude. It’s provided a backdrop that has continuously inspired my lettering artwork.”

_ Rachel Joy, Artist

While there are undoubtedly many iconic sights to see and experience, a great way to explore the subsets of London culture is to visit its characterful boroughs and meet the even more colourful characters that dwell within. To embellish your journey, Beefeater has teamed up with four bars to offer complimentary Beefeater G&Ts up until October 8th1. To find out how and where you can claim your Beefeater G&T click the button below:



The limited edition bottle is now available to purchase online at Drinks International and from the Beefeater Distillery Shop for £17.00






  1. For more details and full T&Cs visit the Beefeater website

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