The London — Based Upon meets Steinway & Sons

The London
Based Upon meets Steinway & Sons

There is nothing more pure than authentic collaborations, ones where a synergistic combination of ideals leads to an end result that truly reflects both brands, yet showcases them in a new way.

These collaborations are always more risky for legacy brands, ones with substantial heritage, established customer bases and hence, brands with more to lose. That said the upside can be considerable too, with the opportunity to see their brand through a new lens, potentially attracting a different audience or attaining cross-generational relevancy.

Then there is the artistry, the beauty of seeing inspired artisans come together to create. These are the collaborations I love, and in their recent limited edition with creative artists Based Upon, it’s clear to see that Steinway & Sons agree.

Honed by over a century of refinement, the musicality instrument itself was left untouched, with template for the artistic embellishments being the revered Steinway & Son’s Model B complete with SPIRIO | r  remote playback and recording technology.

The art’s theme was the city of London, captured by Based Upon using the London Plane tree; a species found at iconic central London locations such as The Mall, Berkeley Square and Regents Park. Cast in brass, Plane Tree leaves form the grand piano’s music desk, while the branch is translated into a topstick, elegantly uplifting the piano lid to display another leaf “in motion” depicted beneath.

Such is the elegance and assuredness of the embellishments that they reward the knowledgeable onlooker, revealing more details the closer one gets. Storytellers through their art, Based Upon used the veiny leaves to replicate the personality of London streets while the piano hinge captures the London skyline from the banks of the River Thames.

“We explore provenance, materiality and emotional resonance to merge narrative with form and function. This privileged, alchemic journey of creation leads us to define legacy value for clients, including the world’s most esteemed companies, and private, discerning families and individuals.”

Ian Abell, Based Upon, Co-Founder



Min-Jung Kym performs on “The London”
Based Upon “The London” Steinway & Sons grand piano at The Ledbury

Available for commission via Steinway & Sons UK, “The London” was revealed this week at an intimate event, with Steinway & Sons pianist Ming-Jung Kim taking to the keys at The Ledbury restaurant in London.

Through their poetic lens and artistic expertise, Based Upon have taken an already special experience, and made it even more special—the perfect kind of collaboration.


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