The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100

The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100

Rolls-Royce has been a symbol of automotive luxury since its inception in 1904, now as technology moves on and stylistic opportunities advance, they have worked on a forward looking concept to imagine the “ultimate expression of the future of super-luxury mobility” – as said by Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design.

Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 Light staircase

Originally code named project 103EX – self-driving and completely electric – the concept was to predict the future of luxury automotive mobility:

“With the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 we were very mindful not to dwell on the past. We wanted to be as innovative as possible and at the same time transcend the design history of the marque.”

~ Giles Taylor, Design Director Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 design sketch

Although many will recognise the famous ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ figurine that proudly adorns the bonnet of every modern, few will actually know the true story behind its existence. The source of the sculptor Charles Robert Sykes‘ inspiration will be brought to life in an all intuitive artificial intelligence aboard the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 – called Eleanor – which will not only respond to your needs, but preempt them. The more time the passenger spends with the car, the more the ‘Eleanor’ AI learns your habits and requirements; even things such as your choice dish at your favourite restaurant – which she can then pre-order for you.

Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 Goodwood Giles Taylor Design Director Rolls Royce

One of the iconic signature features of a Rolls-Royce is the long, unrelenting protruding bonnet which commands attention as much as it adds to its stately presence on the road. With the VISION NEXT 100, based on the feedback that many of the Rolls-Royce customers don’t really want to come in contact with their luggage; this new bonnet now provides ample housing to hold the bespoke luggage, much like an airliner uses a side loading conveyor-belt-style mechanism that ‘feeds’ the luggage to its recipients on arrival at your destination.



A strong theme throughout the design of the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 is the concept of a Grand Arrival, something Rolls-Royce has been synonymous with in times past. Along with the suicide doors, they have now also introduced a roof that opens, allowing the passengers to exit the car standing, and hence in full visibility of the adorning onlookers or paparazzi.

Looking at the three main ‘virtues’ of a Rolls-Royce – namely The Grand Sanctuary, The Effortless Journey and The Grand Arrival – all can be found in futuristic abundance in the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100. Stylistically, we see elements of their grandiose past combined with suggestions of their groundbreaking future. In the words of Sir Henry Royce:

“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it doesn’t exist, design it.”

Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 in motion Goodwood Factory

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