FEAR OF GOD exclusively for Ermenegildo Zegna


Ermenegildo Zegna



The idea of dreaming is a constant theme when luxury menswear is ever brought to the surface.

Not of the clothes, but of the feeling about being involved in a world that seems both foreign yet familiar. Financially speaking it may be difficult to obtain, but that is not the real reason why we fall in love. It is because the great houses take us into a space where stylistic nuances seem effortless, where silhouettes mean something and where colour is more than surface level. This brings me neatly to the efforts of Fear of God for Ermenegildo Zegna.

Their collaborative collection is an accurate portrayal of both houses. Two cultures clashing but with a definitive sense of self. A reinvention of proportions is evident through the part-suiting part-leisurewear collection, alongside a stylised portrayal of the Zegna logo in the Fear of God font. This feels natural. Playing both with Californian subculture and Milanese tailoring… it is a narrative that makes sense.

There is a reason why new brands rise and fall, they lack flavour and a nod to the idea of longevity and history. Addicted to the wrong things, hype, essentialism and basics, are all the ideals of over—thought concepts. Fear of God is the opposite in this though, in a person like Jerry Lorenzo they have an individual that has shown depth and appreciation to the real ideal of luxury…history.

Zegna’s Alessandro Satori for the most part has always been simmering with stylistic nuances, delivering gently while simultaneously ushering in a new artistic direction. With all this in mind the partnership feels right. American luxury meets forward thinking Italian artisans, perfectly poised in truth but most importantly rooted in the idea of allowing us to dream.





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