Hermès: Dressage L’heure masquée

Hermès: Dressage L’heure masquée

While time may never truly be in our hands, we are at liberty to choose how to display it. This timely arrival of Parisien brand Hèrmes’ new line of watches has been duly noted by us here at JOSHUA’s. It’s not to say we are straying away from the old adage “where a watchmaker’s watch, a shoemaker’s shoe… etc”, we are merely acknowledging that there is another way – the Hèrmes way. This line of watches entitled ‘Dressage’ elegantly captures the essence of watchmaking at it’s finest while encapsulating the essential technology that horologists demand.

With the Dressage L’heure masquée watch, time appears in its full immensity, opening up infinite vistas of individual freedom and affording a permanent opportunity to make the “great escape” and to seize only the moments that truly count.


Photo Credit: Calitho

The mischievous hour hand remains hidden beneath the constantly moving minute hand, solely deigning to appear at a deliberate press on a crown-integrated pushbutton. This fleeting apparition captures exclusively the moment in hand and vanishes as soon as the pressure is released – as too does the dual-time window display caught up in the same game of hide and seek. This playful stage-setting is orchestrated by the ingenious interaction of the rack, pinion and gear trains. When stimulated, the hour cam releases from its hiding place the hand that dutifully appears to perform its role of pointing to the correct hour on the dial. The dual-time indication is directly driven by the base movement and adjustable via the pushbutton opposite the crown.


In this entirely Manufacture-made composition, self-winding Calibre H1925 is equipped with an exclusive patented mechanism enabling it to play this uniquely personal musical score.



Photo Credit: Philippe Ramette

Header Photo Credit: Maud Remy-Lonvis

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