Rémy Martin Futur Héritage

Rémy Martin Futur Héritage

Remy Martin has always been the choice nectar of the refined. Setting the standard for cognac connoisseurs and creators alike since 1724, the French firm upholds traditions that are literally centuries old. They adhere to an aging process that few of their competitors can viably replicate. Their cognacs sit dormant for 10 to 37 years while most other brands only allow their product 6 – often resulting in a premature and, ultimately, inferior product. Remy Martin is the measured, immaculate artisan of the cognac world, giving preferential attention to design and detail over all else.

With their roots so deeply ingrained in the world of cognac, they are regular pioneers of innovation and can be accredited for many of the advances in the process of the drink’s creation. That said, it is no surprise that they are still finding ways to redesign and refine a drink that has been a mainstay in the hearts of so many, not just in taste but in aesthetic too. In order for the brand to remain consistently current, while simultaneously honouring their rich heritage, they have had a finger held firmly on the pulse of all generations of cognac enthusiasts.

Remy Martin Futur Heritage ECAL_Luc.Beaussart - Split & Mix - 2

In 2012, the House of Rémy Martin established Futur Héritage: a creative and forward-looking project designed to provide a creative setting for talented people from prestigious universities and through it they have enlisted the raw talent of ECAL’s students, endowed with freshly honed skills in design and a modernistic vision. ECAL is one of the world-leading universities in art and design and, much like Remy Martin, is a purveyor of perfection and beauty.

Under the supervision of designer and lecturer Tomas Kral, students explored the theme of mixology (taking inspiration from the blend of ingredients in a cocktail when combining different materials). Over the course of several weeks, they participated in a number of projects, each based around an object with links to a particular recipe or ritual. Ten pieces emerged from this process, designed by ten students from eight countries. It was this very diversity that made them perfect creators for the House of Rémy Martin.

A Remy Martin bottle is a piece of art even before the cap has even been breached, so, whether you enjoy a glass of cognac or not, you can always feast your senses on these ~

Remy Martin Futur Heritage ECAL_Hongchao.Wang.2 - Totem - 1

Remy Martin Futur Heritage ECAL_Jordi.Pla - Flavour Straw - 2

Remy Martin Futur Heritage ECAL_Samuel.Williams - Cocktail Carrier 960




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