Incense has always been an intriguing type of fragrance to me mainly due to its unique characteristics and ‘tone’ of smell. In its pure incense format, the dense tangibility of scent has seen incense used as an accompaniment for pious ceremony, but the personality of incense goes far beyond the format. Any fan of the Comme des Garcons fragrance range will attest to this character, as even when translated to the wearable fragrance format in their incense inspired compositions, the undeniable personality of incense shines through.

The original BLACKBIRD incense was designed by BLACKBIRD Founder Nicole Miller for her Seattle based store ‘The Field House’ but since then its unique aesthetics and compositions have led to it becoming a niche favourite for those in the know. To give an example, the planned launch for this new packaging was due to be earlier in February this year, but such was the local demand that three months’ supply sold out before the official announcement— the same happened with the second delivery.

The BLACKBIRD incense is best explained as being a hybrid between the world of traditional incense and haute parfumerie as it incorporates key aspects of both worlds; the texture and character of incense, balanced with ingredients compositions of high end fragrance.

Let’s not forget the aesthetics which have been there since its inception, but now further augmented in this new guise of anodized aluminium. As with previous versions, the container lid acts as a burner for the BLACKBIRD Incense pyres adding to its convenience and transmutability.

“Two years ago Henry — our design wiz — and I began the daunting task to dream up a new packaging concept that would not only stand the test of time, but be sustainable, durable, and most importantly look original.”
~ Nicole Miller, Founder, BLACKBIRD

With names as interesting as the compositions themselves — such as Mars, Izba, Lone, Ploom, Targa to name but a few — the entire proposition of BLACKBIRD’s incense is complete from idea to inception. It is the perfect substitute for those that have grown bored with the caress of a candle fragrance, or those in love with fragrance that are simply seeking out a new experience.

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