The Iroko Concrete Chair

The Iroko Concrete Chair

“Please, take a seat” Some of the most gratifying words uttered after a long day standing, or even a day of sitting when you’ve temporarily had to stand. It could be on the course of that daily commute, having survived the game of musical chairs that plays itself out with every bus – or tube – stop acting as the trigger.

With that in mind, public seating is a premium commodity, one often taken for granted due to its necessity. Italian design studio Andrea Tognon Architecture has come up with a design that embraces longevity and durability whilst aesthetically rewarding any environment in which it is placed. Made predominantly from concrete, you would be forgiven for expecting a brutal seating experience, but the reality is somewhat different. The smooth, polished concrete surface offers a reassuring base, with the wooden backrest provides the tactile support your back requires.

The bulk use of concrete spares the excessive use of natural resources further supporting the argument of its design in a conservation conscious society.

Named the Iroko Concrete Chair, it is a further example of how aesthetic led design can still be practical, and rewarding on a daily basis. After all, there is little more rewarding that a good place to sit.





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