An Ancient Town in the Municipality


Place to Stay 


La Torretta Lodge Manarola 

Situated on the inside of an ancient tower, La Torretta is ideally situated in the town centre and offers a very important luggage transfer service to guests. With no parking available in the town, it could be a 2km walk up a steep hill back to your car. The whitewashed, seaside inspired rooms offer laid-back luxury and quaint balconies with sweeping views over the stunning Bay.

Price: Rooms start from £100 per night







Things to Do 


Watch Sunset with a Takeaway Pizza & Bottle of Aperol 

Think 1950’s Italy – chilled bottle of Aperol in one hand – oven baked, Mozzarella stacked pizza in the other. Take a stroll to the harbourside; scattered in colourful old fishing boats and phenomenal views. The coastline here is full of character and a popular spot for cheery locals, which is always reassuring! People gather here for the spectacular sunset – you can sit along the shoreline and dangle your feet over the water’s edge, or dive into the crystal-clear waters. For those adventurers, it’s a popular spot for rock jumping too.


Sundowner Spot


Nessun Dorma 

One of the most esteemed sundowner spots in the Cinque Terre. Inspired by Pavarotti’s famed opera, the owners started with just one chair and a table – when they decided they wanted to open the restaurant and share the beauty with the rest of the world. Perched effortlessly on the cliff edge; amongst a mirage of colourful houses, it’s one of the most tranquil spots in the region. Serving only fresh, handmade food, from fruit platters, to Bruschetta and a heavenly charcuterie board. Make sure you book here – seats get filled quickly.








Nessun Dorma restaurant

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