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Place to Stay 


Belmond Splendido 

The most prestigious spot to stay in the affluent seaside town is the Belmond Hotel Splendido. The luxury hotel on the Ligurian Coast boasts ultimate 5-star luxury, with flower gardens, spanning pool, a roof terrace and their own ice-cream spot on the port. The former 16th century monastery has been excellently renovated and is a popular haven for the rich and famous. Known as the epitome of Italian glamour, the luxury escape also has an award-winning spa and a world-famous restaurant, La Terrazza.

Prices: start from around €400 per night, including breakfast








Things to Do 


Explore the Area 

There’s an abundance of activities to do around Portofino. Locals will always recommend viewing the Ligurian Coast by Sea, so hiring a beautiful wooden speedboat in the port of Portofino is always an excellent option. If you fancy a dip in the sea, one of the region’s favourite beaches on Paraggi Bay can be reached by catching the bus from Piazza della Libertà. The neighbouring town Sant Margherita-Ligure is a vibrant spot for late night drinks and dinner on the beachfront at Langosteria Paraggi is highly recommended. There are also affordable accommodation options here for those looking to stay near Portofino. The choice of restaurants are plentiful in Portofino, however if you’re looking for exceptional Italian cuisine, we would recommend the much-loved Ristorante Puny for fresh fish and exquisite homemade pasta dishes.



Sundowner Spot


Winetrose Wine Bar 

Situated at the end of the port, the spectacular Aperitivo spot is the best around. The cosy hideaway offers a carefully curated selection of Italian wines and deli-style charcuterie boards. All served with a generous helping of olives and prepared with the finest ingredients, including the famous Felino salami. All the seating is Al Fresco, with a few desirable spots perched on the edge of the port; they’ve been eloquently dressed with pillows and a perch for your wine. Sit back, watch the sunset and dangle your feet over the edge of the pretty port.










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