Origami Inspired Car by Lexus

Origami Inspired Car by Lexus

Well seeing as it’s National Poetry Day;

“Made by machine and man of card,
Shaped like its petrol counterpart,
Sectioned and distinct in every direction,
Some say origami, others say perfection.”

What is it?

The answer is the new Origami inspired Car from Lexus. Fresh from the high of their innovative hoverboard Lexus are back on the creative front foot with a new vehicle made entirely from cardboard that can actually be driven – well kind of. There are many reasons why a cardboard car might not be feasible on the road, one big one being cardboard is not exactly weather friendly. That said, there can be no denying that the Origami Car is a concept well executed from idea to conception.


  • Created as a celebration of the skills of Lexus’s takumi craftsmen and women, capturing the spirit of Creating Amazing in design and engineering
  • Life-size replica of the new IS saloon, crafted from 1,700 fully recyclable laser-cut cardboard sheets
  • Created by a five-strong team of professional designers and modellers from specialist companies LaserCut Works and Scales and Models, supported by DS Smith (cardboard manufacturers)
  • Powered by an electric motor, the Origami Car can be driven


NewOrigamiLexusIS-Full Interior Steering Wheel

NewOrigamiLexusIS Interior detail

The new IS replica car is also a nod to the brand’s Japanese heritage, with the art of Origami itself widely believed to have originated from Japan; the home and foundation of the Lexus brand.

To get a glimpse of this unique vehicle, visit the Grand Designs Live Show at the NEC in Birmingham, from 8 October 2015.


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