LYFE: Growing plants at Zero-Gravity

LYFE: Growing plants at Zero-Gravity

Conceived by the makers of FLYTE – the luminescent hovering light bulb – their new product LYFE employs the same concept but this time enabling plants to hover, in a “Marty McFly” type manner.

LYFE a Zero-Gravity Growing System floating plant pot

“LYFE isolates and concentrates the earth’s magnetic poles allowing you to suspend plants on a cushion of air.”


According to the creators of LYFE, studies have shown that magnetic fields accelerate the ripening of certain fruits, enhancing plant’s metabolism. Which means as a culinary aid, you could say that LYFE is beautifully productive.

LYFE a Zero-Gravity Growing System how to use growing seeds

LYFE has been launched on Kickstarter, and the great news is that as this feature is being written, the project has been almost doubly funded, meaning that these visual masterpieces will in fact come to fruition.

LYFE- a Zero-Gravity Growing System lifestyle shot

(Source: YAZTER)
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