Limited Edition Mud Mask by Jeep

Limited Edition Mud Mask by Jeep

The idea of a car brand launching a ‘mud mask’ – especially one of the ilk of Jeep – is pretty much unthinkable. I mean, next they’ll be telling us that Leicester City can win the Premier League. Think ‘mud mask’ and what comes to mind in a luxurious skincare treatment in delicate packaging, but the Jeep Mud Mask is something different entirely.

Limited Edition Jeep-Mud-Mask-75th Anniversary

Jeep have approached this product in the literal sense – it’s a mask of mud, but it’s not for you, it’s for your car. The Jeep Mud Mask is essentially a beautifully designed 375ml can of dirt. How do you use the Jeep Mud Mask? Simply add water and smear over your car, making it look like you’ve been on the adventure you (or at least your car) has been pining for.

This tongue in cheek product alludes to the fact that while most SUV’s are urban dwellers, they were designed to live off-road – a premise that sits inline with the nature of the Jeep brand.

Mud-Mask by Jeep-75th Anniversary Limited Edition

As 2016 marks the 75th Anniversary of the motoring brand, only 75 units of the Jeep Mud Mask are available, and each tin is individually numbered. But they are not for sale. To be in with a chance of owning one of the 75 Limited Edition tins you can enter the draw on their website, then it’s a case of lifting your hands to the heavens, and waiting. Failing this you can always do the unthinkable and actually take your car on an adventure.

Limited Edition Jeep-Mud-Mask-1 of 75

So there you have it, a car brand has actually made a mud mask. So who knows, maybe Leicester City can actually win the Premier League… Maybe.

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