Where to? | Mezemiso

Where to? | Mezemiso

The idea of finding — or at least deciding on — a suitable place to eat can be a daunting task. “They have an App for that.” Yes, I’m sure they do but all that presents you with is a plethora of choice, more than you can realistically be bothered to sift through. So what happens? You end up dining at a place you’ve been to before, that safe haven where the food is acceptable and the service… familiar. 

Enter your friend, that trusty friend that always knows what’s good, what’s new and what you’ll like. Today, I am that friend. I’m about to recommend a place where, I can promise you’ll enjoy your food and after dinner experience, which for me is the icing on the cherry on the cake.

That place is Mezemiso, a Japanese and Lebanese fusion rooftop restaurant located on the embankment with panoramic views over the River Thames, Houses of Parliament to name but a few.

As you walk into Mezemiso what is firstly evident the the mesmeric black marble sparkling walkway, edged with gold that leads you into the restaurant and also to that panoramic view; a backdrop that both complements the decor and embellishes it.

The menu itself is unique; the restaurant is the first of its kind in London and brings together two opposing and seemingly disparate culinary worlds of Japanese fine dining and Lebanese dishes. The commonality lies in the special attention both nations give to their terroir, producing crops rich in flavour and herbs full of aromas (see menu).

The Head Sushi chef Victor Klomu is the mastermind behind the eclectic Japanese menu which is uniquely tailored to intersperse with the rich lavish flavour of the Lebanese dishes, while still including favourites such as steamed Prawn & Scallop Gyoza, Sashimi and Nigiri. The miso marinated Black Cod was my chosen main, a dish as richly succulent as it was flavourful; an exquisite rendition of the signature dish.

Juxtaposing the dining area is a gleaming bar, comprising of most niche favourite spirits that I could think of, and with expert cocktail staff on hand to create interesting concoctions—be they of the alcoholic variety or not.

After dinner experience is another area that Mezemiso comes to its own, boasting a rooftop Shisha & Cigar terrace and a humidor to match, a floor standing humidified cabinet, imbued with the same design ethos as the rest of the restaurant and very, very well stocked.

Not feeling peckish, no problem, guests can relax at the bar and have Sushi while enjoying some of the unique cocktails on offer, such as the Shisha Smoked Old Fashioned; a Lebanese take on the classic Old Fashioned, made with Nikka washed with Carob —a flowering evergreen tree from the carob bush with cocoa taste — Laphroaig 10, and bittersweet Caramelised liquor.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t the kind of place you come for a cheap night out. The bill, while substantial, was justified by the food and service that preceded it, not to mention the “garnish” that followed with the roof terrace experience. 

Having said that guests can skip the food and enjoy a shisha or cigar on the terrace, which would make for the perfect end — or start — to any evening.  

Next time you fancy going out for something more fancy, take this friends advice and give Mezemiso a try; you can always revert back to choice app afterwards, I won’t hold it against you.



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