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Procera Native Ambition




“Doing the right thing creates better gin.”

This is the Procera ethos. It means resisting the urge to take the easy route. Procera is beholden to nature’s course and they never stray from it to expedite their process. Procera’s equatorial, high altitude, sun-drenched junipers are what create the distinctive flavours it is renowned for, and what ultimately sets the brand apart from the rest of the gin crowd.

Procera is quick to draw attention to the fact that each vintage is unique to its year’s climate. That is to say, the increasingly extreme and unpredictable weather conditions, particularly on the equatorial latitude, are yielding extraordinary flavour profiles. The key ingredient – the juniper berries – used in its creation are sourced, harvested and kept in its raw, undried state within 70km from the distillery in Nairobi, Kenya, at an altitude of 2,200 metres above sea level. The harvest is carried out with the help of the local community who live outside the highland forest of Kijabe. The rest of the botanicals are collected throughout the continent: pink Peppercorn from Madagascar; coriander and orris root from Morocco; swahili lime, pixie orange, and green tea from Kenya; acacia honey from Somalia; cardamom and mace from Zanzibar; selim pepper from Nigeria.

The distillery has planted 15,000 Procera trees in the Kenyan Highlands since launch (one for each bottle sold), utilises recycled, hand-blown glass bottles, and collaborates with local farmers and artisans. Every business decision starts and ends with an evaluation of environmental impact, social responsibility, quality, longevity, and flavour.



Staunchly relying on local produce, local labor and local weather conditions unsurprisingly limits the number of bottles Procera is able to produce. Thankfully, the bottles are exceptionally beautiful. Presented in an unforgettable hand-blown bottle, Procera is crafted by the incredibly skilled team at Kitengela, Hot Glass, while the striking palm wood stopper is hand carved by more of Kenya’s finest artisans.

“Procera is proudly African, innovatively distilled by our dedicated team at Kenya’s first craft distillery,” says Guy Brennan, Procera Co-founder. “Only when you use fresh juniper can gin become a true terroir spirit. Wine makers use grapes to make wine and not raisins but gin has been made with the equivalent of raisins for 300 years. We felt this should change. We look forward to you tasting the difference”



Through its use of fresh African juniper Procera’s range of gins offer an earthy, nutty yet bright flavour profile, truly representative of its terroir and birthplace, especially given its Blue Dot, Red Dot and Green Dot release are all limited editions that reflect 2021’s unique climatic conditions. No two years of this small-production gin will be the same, creating vintage liquid expressions reflective of the year of the juniper’s harvest.

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