Kent & Curwen Autumn Winter 2018

Kent & Curwen Autumn Winter 2018

The relationship between fashion houses and photography is well established.  While it is often the default medium for showcasing campaign’s, it is most intriguing when a photographers perception is the source of a project. The best photographers enables its subjects to be showcased in a light that is both alternative and refreshing – thus creating a world that provokes opinion.

I use fashion as an example because this is where you tend to see the most warped perceptions of reality in the form of personalities, and more notably clothing.  Therefore, the source of truth in these environments seems even more pertinent to gauge a better idea what you are “actually” looking at it.

A keen pursuer of capturing authentic images is photographer Perry Ogden, with a style that always seems to seek out the “real” he has worked in tandem with esteemed clothiers Kent and Curwen in a set of images entitled “The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician”. Featuring the brands Autumn/Winter ’18 collection the set of images is compiled of 34 individual and group shots featuring champions and early adopters of their respective fields. Telling the story of the preparation undertaken by each individual, the anthology of images are accompanied by a short film noting their natural environment, whether that be music or boxing.

This all adds to the authenticity of the garments draped over them with cues of the latest collection being inspired by clubs like Repton Sporting club in Derbyshire. Cues from this historic environment come in the form loose jersey classic fitting overcoats – creating a harmony between the men and their ensembles.

The exhibition is available for public viewing at 15 Floral street while the film can be viewed at the temporary screening room at 17 Floral street.

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