A. Sauvage

A. Sauvage

ASauvage.com presents a new visual identity under the umbrella of the costumer. Featuring updated imagery from his studio in L.A  the new marquee sees a shift towards a far more personal tale from the designer. Emphasising his journey from classic tailoring through to sport and more recently womenswear each image places as much focus in details as it does subject.

A.Sauvage “Menswear for Women”
Adrien Sauvage

As expected, clean black and white images are signatures in his tale and feel more current than ever with the neutral backdrop of the site.

Adrien Sauvage

A.Sauvage “Menswear for Women”
Made to measure is still key though and each visual cue harks back to this original idea— putting an emphasis on shape, form and imagination.




Photography by Adrien Sauvage
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