Martell XO Exclusive Architect Edition

Martell XO Exclusive Architect Edition

Everything has its place. In the purposefully positioned, strategically laid out premises of the aspirational male – everything has its place. There may be items that to the untrained eye appear as they have been wantonly abandoned in the hallway, or flippantly dashed upon the table, but even this seemingly random placement has a purpose. This purposeful use of placement and positioning is a skill that Architects use to great effect; it is a fundamental part of their art. Architectural design – at least good architectural design – explores the use of space and how structures react the environment around them. Of those gifted with this ability, there are few more experienced than French architect Christian de Portzamparc.

Following in the footsteps of Paul Andreu in 2009, Christian de Portzamparc was chosen Architect for Martell XO’s second architectural collaboration. The pedigree of his work is such that in 1994 Christian de Portzamparc was awarded the Pritzker prize, becoming the first French architect to receive the profession’s most prestigious honour.

To pay tribute to the noble cognac Martell XO, Portzamparc decided to magnify the intense colour of the cognac through light reflected via the outer casing.

“I wanted to make the liquid into a work of art and for the Martell XO bottle to become a faintly perceptible treasure set in a beautiful jewel-box casing.” – Christian de Portzamparc

One thing is for certain, wherever you choose to place this glowing miniature monument, it will look intentional – whether you mean it or not.

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