Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo

Havana Club
Máximo Extra Añejo

“A special drink for a special occasion

That was what I was always led to believe but for some reason I never had this same approach to drinking rum.

For me rum has always been a drink that I associate with having fun; a sweet elixir capturing a moment of enjoyment between friends. It’s a hot-weather drink, joyfully representative of the country of its naissance and the tropical surrounds in which it was birthed.

Rum captures an effervescent mood and climate, translating it into a jus that has captivated generations worldwide. Of course not all rums are made equal, and each year Havana Club celebrate their unique heritage with Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo. Crafted by blending the very finest—and oldest—rum reserves, each year the brand’s Maestros (Primer Maestro Juan Carlos González, Maestros Asbel Morales, Salomé Alemán and Manuel Calderón) pay tribute to the iteration first created by the late Don José Navarro.







The resulting flavour is a rich expression, delicately balanced with oak and smokey notes from the extra time ageing in white oak barrels. Sweet, tropical tones of coconut, pears and dried fruit ensures the liquid sits proudly as a highlight in Havana Club’s Iconica Collection; one of the most exceptional rums worldwide1.

It’s not only the drink that needs to be taken into consideration, but the entire visual experience leading up to it. After all what you see triggers emotion, an expectation of what’s to follow and can lend weight to the argument of a drink’s expression. Such is the case with the latest Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo limited edition release. A modern twist on a traditional crystal decanter, the stopper comes gilded with a golden Giraldilla — the emblem of Havana. The bottle’s silhouette is playful yet elegant, a visual representation of the sophisticated rum contained within.



“Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo has always exemplified the very best of Cuban Rum; connoisseurs the world over recognise the decanter’s graceful lines which beautifully complement the expression’s vibrant, amber glow.”


_ Anne Martin, Global Marketing Director, Havana Club

While Máximo Extra Añejo is released annually each edition has unique characteristics; this latest iteration embraces sustainable practices, with an 89% reduction of plastic components2 and the box made from certified wood by-products.

With only 1000 bottles released, this year’s Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo expression is solely to drink on special occasions, but it will make any occasion you choose it drink it, special.

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  1. Havana Club Maximo won a gold medal at the 2021 ISC, and most recently a Master medal at the 2023 Rum Masters
  2. Less than 1.2% of the total components of the pack
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