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Ferrari F8 Spider

“What do you do for a living? Are you a footballer?”

A question I faced many times over the past few days as I stepped up-and-out of the bright yellow flying machine also known as the Ferrari F8 Spider. Ordinarily it’s a question that would have taken me aback but given the boldly ostentatious nature of the vehicle I emerged from, I could see where they were coming from.

This car is not shy, it likes to boast — and quite rightly so too. Press that start button and you’re greeted with a symphony of bass as the F8 Spider sparks into life, much like a leopard primed on its haunches, ready to take off at any moment.

Ferrari F8 Spider 2021 © Eli Ankutse
Ferrari F8 Spider 2021 © Eli Ankutse

The question they really wanted to ask me is “How can you afford this car at your age?”. Fair point, as after all, this vehicle is nothing short of extraordinary. Representing yet another step into the future, the marque continues to evolve its offering with increasing frequency, evidenced by the recent launch of its first hybrid V6 engine car — the Ferrari 296 GTB.

Ferrari F8 Spider 2021 © Eli Ankutse

Part of a duologue of vehicles in the Ferrari F8 family the F8 Spider plays the role of the all-rounder, combining stellar racing performance with the lifestyle endearing hardtop convertible roof; one that in 14seconds converts your car from a Coupé to a Targa.

Ferrari F8 Spider 2021 © Eli Ankutse





Ferrari F8 Spider 2021 © Eli Ankutse





Ferrari F8 Spider 2021 © Eli Ankutse
Ferrari F8 Spider 2021 © Eli Ankutse

Performance-wise, the stats of the Ferrari F8 Spider are terrifyingly exciting. With a twin-turbo 3.9 litre V8 engine under the hood, the mid-rear-engined F8 Spider reaches 60mph in a mere 2.9 seconds. To put this in context the 2021 model Ferrari F8 Tributo reaches the same speed in 2.8 seconds so there’s only a small compromise for the “drop-top” convenience.

Aesthetically speaking, we welcome back the iconic twin circular rear taillights, reminiscent of the 308GTB that debuted in 1975.

Ferrari F8 Spider 2021 © Eli Ankutse

Having said that, get behind the wheel of the F8 Spider and you care one bit about how it looks, because you’ll be having too much fun to care. Its balance is extraordinary, and the refined delivery doesn’t take away from the sensation of raw power, but rather channels the feel to your hands as you immerse yourself in the essence of the drive.

That on the road price of £225,000 suddenly looks like a veritable bargain; maybe it’s time to consider a professional football career after all.


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