Ceramic Candles by Norden

Ceramic Candles by Norden

While the candles have been lauded in their own right – and rightly so – it is their containers themselves that have been the cause of much industry acclaim. Created to be purchased as an ongoing feature of your interior, the Norden Candle have permanence and tell a story long after the wax contained within has been consumed.

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The California-based home goods brand pour their candle scents, comprising of produced soy wax and a blend of essential oils and high quality fragrance oils, into hand thrown stoneware made in Encinitas, CA. The idea is that once the candle has been enjoyed, you rinse out the ceramic container and put it to an alternative use.

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“We’re sick of people throwing things away. Keep our ceramic containers after you are done burning the candle. Wash them out, use them again.”
~ Erika & Pete Panciera, Founders, Norden Goods



Run by husband and wife team Erika and Pete Panciera, the Norden Ceramic Candle scents hail from the memory banks of shared experiences; for example the Ojai scent was birthed from the couple’s winter trip to the Ojai valley in California’s Ventura county, where the “scent of decaying grass, forest, earthy balsams and resins, and the smoke from burning palo santo wood enchanted us.”


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As the age old saying goes “There is more than one way to skin a cat”, that said Norden’s approach to recycling equates to not skinning the cat at all. We like that approach.


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