Frederic Malle: 5 Years of Liberty

Frederic Malle: 5 Years of Liberty

The synergy of environment with product is something many purveyors aspire to but a goal that few actually achieve. With French Parfumeur Frédéric Malle, it was a ‘dream’ that five years ago became a reality when his disparately enigmatic range of scents found their home in Liberty London. We say home, and in this sense mean it quite literally as the Tudor building’s welcoming interior can be likened to that of an extravagant filled with all manner of sartorial delights and intricacies – in which the red hue of Frederic Malle’s Editions de Parfums have made their place.

To celebrate this 5 year landmark, Frederic Malle embraced his genetic ability to link fragrances and colours (synesthesia) to choose from Liberty’s vast treasury the prints that would best illustrate each fragrance in his collection.

“This collaboration exemplifies ounce more the perfect cohesion of our two houses” – Frédéric Malle

The collaboration surmised in words by Frédéric Malle:

“My hope is that the viewer sees them as one, as if each design had been done specifically to illustrate each perfume. The 18th century design used for PORTRAIT OF A LADY epitomises the sophisticated grandeur of the fragrance while LYS MEDITERRANÉE conjures the bright, Mediterranean light that infuses the perfume.

I am delighted to use this anniversary as the opportunity to unearth some truly magnificence design work from the late 1700’s to 1990, by merging our perfumes with Liberty’s patterned masterpieces.”

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