Chapter II – A Question of Temperature

Chapter II – A Question of Temperature

One of champagne’s best features is of course its freshness. Picture that glass covered with a fine mist, the chilled and delicious bubbles, the coolness to the touch. But even though the perfect temperature at which to enjoy champagne is generally regarded as 8°C, each situation requires specific chilling preparations. It’s demanding, we grant you, but that’s often the way with the finer things in life.

No. 14 – Ever Ready
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A freezer is to champagne what a tumble drier is to a cashmere cardigan: a disaster. Put your bottle in the lowest and therefore coldest compartment of your refrigerator to chill at 2°C and it will be ready in two and a half hours. Can’t wait that long? Then be prepared and always have a bottle in the fridge. Leave it horizontal, so that the temperature of the wine is the same throughout the bottle. Now all you need is an excuse to open it.

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