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Some concept cars you look at and think “Looks great, but it will never happen.” With the Honda e the dream pretty much made it unscathed from the conceptual artistic drawings to the public roads.

© Eli Ankutse 2020

You can wax lyrical about its visual design but there is much more to the Honda e than its Pixar like eyes and futuristic lines. This car is a strategic masterpiece built on three-pillars that will form the future of automotive design; electrification, automation and connected services.

© Eli Ankutse 2020

When the Honda e first appeared in concept form in 2017 it was described as theUrban EVand in that it certainly delivers.

In this new post-pandemic world, regional car launches are en vogue and as such I headed down the south of England to put the Honda e through its paces. The first impression of the Honda e is one of futurism, but also one of prestige. Clean lines and a compact hatch-back format convey relatable charm, while the round cartoonish headlights are inviting, giving the car a ‘human-like’ personality.

Reach out to the flush door handles and they present themselves to you, hiding away again once you’re inside the car to preserve the flush aerodynamics. The Honda e’s Side Camera Mirror System (SCMS) means a lack of side mirrors, helping to streamline the car’s profile even further. Instead step inside and you’re greeted by two screens ergonomically positioned at either end of the dashboard giving an unobstructed view around both sides of the car.

Positioned within the driver’s eyeline for optimal comfort and safety, five neatly integrated high-resolution colour screens span the entire width of the car’s interior.

© Eli Ankutse 2020



0-62mph — 9.0 seconds

Engine — 136 PS (100kW)

Torque — 315Nm

Range — 137miles

Pricefrom £26,160 (UK)

One downside of the Honda e that some will undoubtedly point to, is the fact it “only” has a range of 137miles (entry level Honda e model), but when you factor in where this car is going to be used, this number essentially becomes inconsequential. When you drive the car, you can feel how that electric power has been prioritised to deliver a potent, and responsive drive, a drive that feels more petrol than electric. In fact, this is the first electric car I’ve driven that felt like I was driving a petrol car — the biggest compliment I can give it in truth.

In a city you need a nimble car that can respond to sharp movements, and yet still has the power to get you out of a tricky situation or get past that cyclist with ease —the Honda e is that car.

On top of this, if you use rapid charging its advanced high-performance battery can provide up to 80% of range in 30 minutes. No range, no problem.

© Eli Ankutse 2020

Every generation has a car it looks back at with fondness as an icon for the times; whether it was the original Mini Cooper, or perhaps more recently the reborn Fiat 500. I can genuinely see the Honda e becoming that car for this driving generation. Watch this space.


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