Royal Salute + Gaucho International Polo

Royal Salute + Gaucho International Polo

Last week saw the commencement of one the most aspirational international sporting seasons – Polo. Hosted by Gaucho at the versatile O2 Arena it was only fitting that the attending Scottish Polo Team was sponsored by world’s leading luxury Scotch Whisky, Royal Salute.

The Royal Salute spectrum begins where many other blends end as only whiskies that have matured for a minimum of 21years are ever selected. In incrementally more luxurious inclinations their selection of whiskies climaxes at the Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute – the oldest permanent whisky expression in the world, comprised of whiskies aged for a minimum of 40 years.


Visually unassuming yet authoritative, the opaque ceramic bottles pay testament to the imperious liquid contained within. The Royal Salute’s blend upon blend of Scotland’s finest makes for an alluring aroma, with a softened finish to ease the otherwise wholesome scotch whisky.

Alas the Royal Salute Scottish Polo team valiantly lost 11-10, but at the risk of upsetting a few naysayers, their reward of the brown gold contained within the Royal Salute ceramic flacons should more than make for a fitting appeasement to any negative sentiment resulting from such a narrow defeat. Chin-chin gentlemen.

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