DESIGN | Nike presents the Tiempo Legend 8

The Tiempo Legend 8

Think back to 2004… Football was in the middle of its commercial superiority when Nike released its infamous TV spot featuring the Brazil and Portugal national teams. Sporting icons like the “original” and “new” Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo and cameos from Francesco Totti and Eric Cantona, the featurette explored the flair of both sides. With a nod of the term “Ole” both teams battled off-field nutmegging each other with every opportunity, the short was as intuitive as it was humorous. Yet what was most notable in reflection were the boots chosen by each player. Ronaldo sporting the original pair of Mercurial Vapors, Figo in the iconic Total 90’s and Ronaldinho in the Tiempo’s.

While every player had their instrument of choice, it did seem a strange for a player that was noted for his flair, imagination and pride to be sporting a more humble boot. But in reality, it makes sense. Ronaldinho represented much more than the flamboyance he was known for and was as much of a leader as anybody in that star-studded Brazilian team. Beating the last man at every opportunity, while caring little for the minute on the clock. He was brave and this in turn was the spirit that has inspired every re-incarnation Tiempo ever since.

Forward onto the now, with the release of the Tiempo Legend 8 the profile of the wearer has not changed. Less dynamic maybe but no less passionate or willing to carry their team forward till the dying second. Think Virgil Van Dijk and Leah Williamson two spirited individuals who are noted as leaders on and off the pitch but firstly a representation of modern footballing heritage in their style. Elegant yet decisive, their play is the re-incarnation of footballing prowess that this boot was built for.

Embodying this mindset the Tiempo 8 takes cues from its predecessors with its classic silhouette and premium leather upper, but notably benefits from some of Nike’s technical advancements. Featuring a more supportive Flyknit hugging boot arch it locks in the foot while providing more support around the midfoot. However it is the Quadfit mesh that protects both boot and player that will seek to have the most in-game benefit. Stretching in four directions the material has the ability to accommodate any foot shape while preventing overstretching the outer leather layer – adding an element of durability to an already sturdy offering. The theme of adaptiveness continues though, with the stitch-less diamond pattern on the upper, avoiding perforations and protecting the external elements from seeping in. So while physically the 2019 boot is a different beast to the one worn by Ronaldinho, it is no less representative of the football boot being an essential tool in any footballer’s armory – signifying style but more importantly character.

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