D’OTTO — Artistic Fragrance

D’OTTO — Artistic Fragrance




Embracing the notion of fragrance as a liquid artform rather than a trivial embellishment is not necessarily a new concept, but in that pursuit there are indeed many, many levels of accomplishment.

Italian fragrance brand D’OTTO are a new arrival, but certainly no pretenders, ticking pretty much every box you can as a fragrance brand. The brainchild of Perfumer Paolo Terenzi, the branding is intelligent and not without reason, while the fragrances themselves are kind to the environment, and, very importantly, fragrances worthy of the artworks they represent. Artworks you say? Yes, exactly that. Each scent is a fragrant interpretation of lauded artworks from times past, artworks such as Kazimir Severinovič Malevič’s Black Square(1915) and Piet Mondrian’s famed Composition II in Red, Yellow and Blue (1929).

The brand name itself D’OTTO is taken from the palindromic Italian word “Otto” meaning “eight” that reads the same whichever end you decide to read it from. Turned on its side “8” also represents the symbol of “infinity”, a symbol representing continuity and perpetuity, implying the far reaching and endless scope of fragrance creation:

“A palindrome word to represent the beginning and the end and therefore express the concept of artistic infinity exploring endless human emotions.”

The brand name and its meaning plays itself throughout the collection, with each parfum identified by calculation equating to the number “eight” rather than a name per se. For example, the citrus bouquet aroma scent  from southern Italy interpreting Jackson Pollock’s painting Number 31 (1950) is entitled 1+7, while the mossy woods amber scent Inspired by Kazimir Severinovič Malevič’s painting Black Square (1915) goes by the name 2 + 6.

A truly kind fragrant option, customers can visit the retail space in Selfridges and have their empty bottles replenished with their chosen D’OTTO fragrance at the refill fountain; a novel way of reducing wastage. The Selfridges stores will also use Kraft packaging that is fully recyclable and includes a 10% donation to charity.


The D’OTTO: THE ABSTRACT ART COLLECTION is available exclusively at Selfridges.com from Thursday 19th May 2022, and in store from mid-June 2022. The global debut of D’OTTO, the fragrances are priced £225 – £275 for a 100ml Extrait de Parfum, and £35 for five scent Discovery Set. The refill fountain demonstrates the brand’s genuine, responsible approach as well as Selfridges ongoing commitment to sustainability and making circular models a core part of its offer through Project Earth.






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