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        Life Après Sport

The idea of sport as a way of life is one shared by many; just visit your local park, gym or yoga studio and you’ll find a hub of activity, camaraderie and physical ambition.

The vast melange of types and genres of sport is one of its significant appeals, giving little excuse – health permitting of course – not to partake in some guise. But often it’s that social aspect, that “excuse” to have a drink afterwards or coffee beforehand that lends weight to sports’ argument. Realistically, very few of us will ever become professional athletes, but the physical benefits coupled with the social reward make for a delightful way to break up the week.

Budding lifestyle clothing brand Pelota bring both these sporting aspects together in their first capsule collection, geared towards a time of day they’re calling AprèsSport — the twilight hours when sport is done, and social activity begins.

Bridging the gap between sport and leisure, Pelota are purveyors of stylish comfort.  #AprèsSport

Anchored around the theme of the ball, each future Pelota collection will tell the story of a different beloved sport, using block-coloured garments and minimal graphics to tell it.

A quiet success, this launch range is a collection of not so basic, basics, and a gentle reminder that there is life after sport, so please make sure you dress appropriately.

Pelota range starts from £35 and is available from directly from their website with free global shipping.

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