Martell XO – Rise Above

Martell XO – Rise Above

Legend has it that in 1715, a swift led Jean Martell to Cognac, where, at only 21 years old, he founded what would become the oldest of the great Cognac houses. Throughout the Rise Above campaign, the Swift becomes a symbol of one’s potential, the latent ability to achieve great things.

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” – Salvador Dali

While we all have the capacity to go higher in life, few of us have the vision and courage to really take off. Martell XO celebrates those who do take off, achieving remarkable, memorable things in life and inspiring the world around them.




Anyone who has ever achieved something great will know what it feels like to begin a new project. Weeks, months, even years of preparation will have gone into it. Essentially, you’re alone with your thoughts; it’s a tense, exciting moment.



“WINGS”, the new Martell XO film directed by James Gray1, captures this decisive moment. Four successful individuals – an author, a sculptor, a speaker and a conductor – embrace a significant moment in their journey. It’s an exciting yet intimate process of preparation; concentration is high and the tension is palpable.

  1. Heralded today as one of the most talented directors of his generation, James Gray is the embodiment of the film he curated. 
Gray first found his wings at the age of 25; it was 1994 when his directorial debut Little Odessa received the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Since then, his films Two Lovers, We Own The Night and The Yards have consistently appeared at the Cannes Film Festival.
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