CMYK by The North Face

CMYK by The North Face

The intricacies that goes into digital colour curation are actually pretty undervalued, most notably the base for all digital printing CMYK. Broken down into Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key the four ink printing method actually relates those most often used in colours in combinations. The model actually works by subverting each colour from white light to create another. For instance, white light subverted against green leaves magenta and white light minus blue leaves yellow. This enables a palette to be curated from almost anything.

Taking this colour cue and merging it into a wearable pattern is The North Face with their CMYK collection. Encompassing statement pieces such as snapbacks and utility travel essentials the brand utilises the pattern to great effect. Taking cues from the combinations of colours that CMYK creates the brand manage to create a pattern that feels new. Emblazoned in a slightly jacquard effect on iconics like the Nuptse and mountain jacket the re-imagined pattern enables visibility alongside  the technical foundation that is unprecedented by The North Face.

Accompanying the collection are a set of visuals that are taken in neighbouring city of Amsterdam, which was chosen for its authentic environment and relationship between the city and street culture. Featuring up-and-coming Dutch Grime artist Flavio Monterio aka Y’unglatte (@flaviomonteiro1) and festival photographer Rachel Ecclestone (@urbantraveller). Captured by duo Meis Belle Wahr and Jip Merkies, the collection reinforces the mantra of the brand. Taking inspiration from the outdoors while providing a platform to survive in the city.

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