The Parajet Paramotor

The Parajet Paramotor

What do you give a man that has everything…? An apt question, and one no doubt being asked as these very words are being commited to type. The answer is quite simple really – nothing.

However for the times when the gift of “nothing” is not permissible in danger of offending without reprieve, it’s good to know that there are still incredulous, inventive options that we can call upon to satisfy even the most aspirational of recipients. Such is the case with the Parajet paramotor; a lightweight motor strapped to your back that – when combined with a canopy – gifts you the ability of flight.

The concept of Parajet was realised by Gilo Cardozo (MBE ), an aviation-engineering specialist who became a pioneer in the field of personal aviation when he created the paramotor.  This single paramotor propeller coupled with the wind beneath your canopy, give enough thrust to take off from flat ground to reach speeds of up to 45mph and heights of up to 10,000ft – and all without the need for a pilot’s license.

Man has always harboured a fascination with the ability of flight, and now Parajet have given you the opportunity to gift this experience to that privileged recipient – or indeed to yourself.

“Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” – Douglas Adams

Starting from £7,199 (inc VAT) Parajet’s Christmas package comes with a seven day holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees,  and includes:

  • A Parajet Paramotor
  • Paraglider Wing
  • Reserve Parachute
  • Paramotor Helmet
  • 1 week training at Europe’s top flight centre in Spain


Paramotoring (or powered paragliding) is rapidly gaining popularity across the world, with pioneering British engineering company, Parajet at the helm of the sport.

Visit to book.

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