CYCLE | Aston Martin + Storck

CYCLE | Aston Martin + Storck

Automobile specialists Aston Martin have used their expertise in engineering and forward thinking to lend their mindset to bicycles. Alongside German manufacturer Storck the result of the project is a timely reminder of how collaborative efforts enable both parties to thrive; creating a unique product in the process.

With a limited run of 107 bicycles this adaption of the Storck Fascenario.3 aesthetically excels. Coated in an Argentum Nero paint that alters between shades of green, grey and silver, depending on perspective – the view is very reminiscent Aston Martin’s of yester-year.


Yet while on face value there are a lot of aesthetic positives the collaboration begun when Markus Storck worked on the ‘One of Seven’ Vanquish project as part of the bespoke division. This project highlighted the use of Carbon fibre in sports cars and gave Markus and Merek Reichman, EVP & Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin, the ideal conversation starter among themselves. The outcome of this being the Aston Martin edition produced Storck.

With that note it is important to remember that this version is first and foremost a performance bike. The frame itself weighs just 770g and comes equipped with SPRAM’s wireless gear shifting technology, which keeps clean lines while also referencing the pedals behind the steering wheel of an Aston Martin. Naturally this all plays host within an aerodynamic frame that is sturdy yet flamboyant, further enhances the similarities between bicycle and car.

While the sight of this bike on the streets of London may be rare it still will serve as a testament to both brands in what can be achieved when principles are allowed to merge together.

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