The ManCave Range

The ManCave Range

Today’s men’s grooming consumer is tricky one – one that wants products that are effective, natural, high-quality and all while being affordable – today JOSHUA’s bring you a range that does exactly that. Having looked at the development of the products, JOSHUA’s now breakdown the core of the ManCave Natural Grooming range that causing many in the men’s grooming industry to stand up and take note.


ManCave Moisturiser

The ManCave Moisturiser is a complete product designed to protect and enhance your skin. The ‘swiss army knife’ of grooming products, ManCave moisturiser has been prepared for every aspect of man’s face care – all Vegan friendly and with harmonious natural ingredients.


  • Hydrates skin with Borage Oil & Shea Butter
  • Helps protect from UV rays
  • Mattifies skin leaving a smooth matte appearance
  • Caffeine stimulates to give healthy looking

 Price: £9.50

ManCave FaceWash


The ManCave high concentrate FaceWash is crafted to refresh and deeply- cleanse the skin without over-drying your face. Excess oil, impurities and skin debris are removed with advanced natural technologies leaving all necessary moisture where it belongs – in your skin. Formulated with Willow Bark, Green Tea & Spinach the rich gel has anti-oxidant, anti-septic and anti- inflammatory properties to help protect and defend skin cells.


  • Cleanses skin from impurities
  • Removes skin debris
  • Helps to protect and defend skin cells
  • Removes unwanted oils while leaving moisture in your skin

 Price: £5.95


ManCave Caffeine Shampoo


ManCave’s daily Caffeine Shampoo is designed to keep your hair the way it is, by naturally cleaning and protecting. Formulated with Vitamin E, Panthenol & Shea Butter the natural technologies moisturise and protect your hair, to help improve the feel, shine and flexibility all the while protecting hair from environmental damage. Panthenol also has anti-inflammatory properties to help sooth the scalp to prevent irritation and dryness.


  • Cleanses hair and scalp
  • Helps Strengthen Roots
  • Moisturises hair with Vitamin E & Shea Butter
  • Soothes scalp to prevent itchiness and dryness using Panthenol

 Price: £5.50


ManCave ShowerGel


With a deep forest fragrance and a softening cleansing action ManCave’s ShowerGel is invigorating to the skin and senses; be it for energising yourself at the beginning of the day or re-energising at the end. Formulated with L-Arginine and Tea Tree Oil the ManCave ShowerGel naturally cleanses the body removing all unwanted impurities while restoring – and protecting – the natural oil barriers that are vital to a healthy state and appearance of your skin.


  • Naturally Cleanses skin
  • Hydrates and Moisturises Skin with Cedarwood, L-Arginine, Tea Tree and Black Pepper Oil.
  • Rejuvenates senses with a deep forest fragrance

 Price: £3.99


ManCave Deodorant


Rather than wrongly preventing sweating, ManCave have created a formulae that removes odour (bacteria) so that your body can perform naturally. The Deodorant is formulated with Silver Citrate – a naturally derived anti-bacterial active – to remove bacterial odor and replace it with a fresh forest fragrance, leaving you naturally protected for up to 24hrs. Furthermore ManCave Deodorant is free from Aluminium – a pore blocking agent linked with potentially detrimental conditions – so your underarm remains naturally healthy.


  • Helps eliminate odours
  • Protects underarm for up to 24hrs
  • Naturally derived anti-bacterial agents combat underarm bacteria

 Price: £6.99


In the UK ManCave at select Sainsbury’s stores nationwide – you can view the store list online here  – The ManCave product range is also available to the world online at:


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